Into the Borderlands

The End of the Beginning

Restless and endangered, our heroes press on...

Try as they might, the unnamed (as of yet) party of adventurers and their weepy cleric could not rest in the middle of the dungeon. Time after time, they were disturbed by giant rats and barbarian warriors (one of whom jumped on the bed and impaled Olin). Despite the glaring obviousness of their situation, the heroes refused to bow to common sense. Thusly, their powers were not replenished.

Unlucky for them, as they managed to find another secret door to the south of Rogahn’s bed chamber that led to a pillared Great Hall. On one end, the room held 2 carved stone thrones, while the other end disappeared into darkness. Having been alerted previously to the neighboring room’s rumpus, the group of greedy, swarthy, stringy-haired gnome treasure hunters ambushed the party.

A massive, desperate battle ensued, as no warrior was present. Romero the Thief deftly cut down gnome after gnome, and even the bard Corwin defied expectations by wielding his rapier to deadly effect. Stymied by lack of powerful healing magic, Olin duked it out with one gnome, then two, eventually ending up on top.

Pots of alchemist’s fire exploded on walls and floors, narrowly missing the heroes. Vicious wounds from the gnomes' crossbows and shortswords threatened to derail further exploration, but, alas, our party emerged victorious from the fray!

Victory brought exuberance and respite, in triumph. Though unwisely unrested (who fuckin’ sleeps in a dungeon?), the heroes drew advancement and strength from their ordeal. They were refreshed!

Further exploration led to the party’s discovery of Rogahn and Zelligar’s Trophy Room, where they dispatched the remainder of the wretched gnomes.

The labyrinthine corridors of the stronghold seemed to stretch on and on until the party encountered a resting party of barbarian warriors! Armed with a weapon-cart, bristling with spears and other piercing weapons, the barbarians howled with rage and set upon the unnamed band. Corwin the Gay Halfling Bard used his magic to charm one of the deadly oafs, which removed the cart from play. One warrior ran to a nearby door, slamming and yelling in a guttural (and, no doubt, inferior) language.

More barbarian warriors piled out of the nearby room to join the battle. Despite some close calls, and with the help of suddenly-appearing warrior Mon Serask, the party eventually prevailed and dispatched all of the brute and savage men.



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