Into the Borderlands

A Shocking Death

The party suffers it's first loss...

Having just emerged victorious from their fight with a group of barbarians, the heroes continued exploring the ruins of Quasqueton. A short while later, they encountered a green-robed gnome who appeared quite angry that another group of treasure-hunters threatened his take. After a brief struggle, Olin brought the battle to an end by caving in the creature’s skull. Still more exploration as the party found a large room, filled with many pools of various liquids.

The first pool contained pinkish liquid that, when consumed, healed the imbiber. The next pool contained a fizzy, yellow liquid with a foul odor. Corwin, the adventurous bard quickly quaffed a cup full of the stuff. Suddenly, he dropped his tin cup to the tiled floor with a clank. His comrades were alarmed as he began choking, groaning and clawing at his own throat. Soon, the flesh of his neck began melting. He had consumed acid! Unfortunately for the young Halfling, he died immediately.

A water weird erupted from yet another pool, grabbing Osric the Dwarf Wizard and dragging him under the surface to drown him. After a frenzied combat in which he was rescued, the party wisely chose to retreat from the elemental creature and seek greener pastures.

Further explorations yielded no small amount of coin and other treasure, in addition to further historical information about Rogahn and Zelligar. Journals were found. Poison needle traps were sprung. Gas traps exploded, injuring the slower-witted party members.

One of the treasures was hard won, when the frog-like fighter Mon Serask spied shiny objects amidst the rubble of an old meeting/speaking room. Although they could clearly hear the chitterings of rats, the warrior entered the room to grab the booty. Immediately, the party was surprised by nine dog-sized rats. Four of the loathsome vermin lunged at Mon, bringing him down to the ground, bleeding. Using clever rat-tactics, they left grevious wounds to the heroes before being dispatched by both sword and spell.


Coming out of unconsciousness Mon look about in a daze. The smelly little Halfling was tightly binding his wounds. The bodies of the giant rats littered the ground around him and he noted the frost covering his form fitting breastplate – frozen to his chest. Looking at the Dwarf from the Noble Balderk family who shyly caught his glance and looked away quickly, then moved away to study some stonework in the corner, seemed suspicious, but Mon was not going to start questioning, he was happy to be alive! “You are a serious righteous little chap, Olin is it? Your prayers to Mielikki- the green sister, this is not a god I am all that familiar with but I am happy to be in her graces, or at least in the hands of an adept cleric such as yourself. Are you part of the Shadoweirs – the knighthood of the forest? I myself am a knight. Cavalier in service of his majesty Jean-Marc Delacroix of the Kingdom. I am forever in your debt, in fact to all of you. I may have been a bit brash and bold – in a way cavalier… ha ha, but I heed to your council – what are we doing here?

A Shocking Death

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