Mon Serask

KIlled -Landed Knight Caviler employ of His Royal Highness


You see a man with long flowing hair in ringlets with a giant waxed curled mustache in brightly colored clothing adorned with elaborate trimmings, lace collars, cuffs, a crushed red velvet robe, and a giant foppish plumed hat.

He gives out a prayer to his god in a thick French accent.

“O Tyr, Thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget Thee, do not forget me"

He comes from the Southwest from the Kingdom. He is a landed Knight Caviler employ of His Royal Highness, The Prince of Carrick, Baron and great steward of the Kingdom his Majesty Jean-Marc Delacroix.

Of Noble birth Mon Serask is a competent equestrian fond of jousting, duels and seeking the honor of his king and queen. Sent on an errand from the king, he heard rumor that adventurers in the small village of Slatch had sent off in search of the ruins of Quaqueton. Hiring a tracker, he went off with his squire and groom to the entrance to the famed lair. Sending his men back with his warhorse, he felt confident he would find these men, explore the ruins and gain greater glory for his king.

After his short time, here Mon almost killed himself with wine, drowned in a vat with a magical water weird and now rats! He was finding he had a lot to learn and had to rely on his newly found friends. His confidence wilted a bit like the giant plume on his hat in the damp of this dungeon. As he was awoken, he found the many wounds on his body bandaged – he was grateful to be alive, perhaps he should treat this bunch with less disdain and see them as the skilled adventures they were.

He was eaten by Ghouls and Ghasts under the control of the Zombie Master on the Isle of dread.


Mon Serask

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